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Over 30 years experience serving Steamboat Springs, CO and Craig, CO.


Welding in Steamboat Springs

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Machine Shop in Steamboat Springs

Full Service Machine Shop in Steamboat Springs Area

When looking for a Machine Shop in Steamboat Springs, Experience, Equipment, High Quality Control and on-time delivery are not something that can be second best.  Your working with tolerances that will make the part fit as designed or end up as a paper weight.


Our customers have been trusting our integrity and workmanship since 1995.  We deliver what is expected or it doesn’t leave our shop.  Ir your looking for a Machine Shop in Steamboat Springs go to one that’s trusted.

Our Promise to you!

** Personalized Service

** Competition Pricing

** On-site with mobile Trailers

We are experienced in working with industrial application pipe machining.   our Machine Shop in Steamboat Springs can go on-site with our trailers .  This can include the below services or in many applications carries over to government or some private sector.


Pipe Machining Services

Pipe Severing and Beveling

Flange Facing

Elliptical Door Ways

Power Plant Applications



ITP Machine and welding offers a wide range of Machine Shop Services.  With years of experience and personalized service it has allowed them to keep there high reputation as a Machine Shop in Steamboat Springs.   We will always offer high quality workmanship and products.

  • Welding in Steamboat Springs
  • Lathe Machining
  • Mill Machining
  • Tractor Part Re-Manufacturing
  • Heavy Equipment part Re-manufacturing
  • Precision Saw & Cutting
  • Surface Grinders
  • Honing Machines